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    Company Changes with the Times

    Haskell New York Inc. has recently completed its regular site reviews on all the latest devices. Included in this review is how the company's domains perform on the latest versions of popular products including Windows 8, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Also included were adjustments for the best viewing in top browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari...

    Haskell Expands its Green Initiatives

    In accordance with latest innovations in improving ways companies can be greener, Haskell New York Inc. has expanded both its internal and external practices. Long gone is the company that once stored everything on paper and endless file cabinets with paper trails dating back years. The company has also embraced many eco-friendly products around the office and continues to push biodegradable and compostable alternatives to commonly used products...

    Cost Management Consultants - Part II - Caught Between a Rock and a Hard place

    (The follow-up to, "Cost Management Consultants - The Good, the Bad and ..The Problem")..

    85 Years and Still Going

    After 85 years of business, Haskell New York Inc. continues to be a force in the office supplies business. Having recently celebrated its 85th year, Haskell reflects back on what made it successful throughout the years...

    Office Furniture/Supplier Adds Twist to Earning Rewards

    In recent years, the concept of reward credits has become almost commonplace in business. While the concept of these points may not exactly be new, Haskell New York Inc. provides a twist on the traditional model that makes earning them fun...

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